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The Problem Of School And Social Integration Of Children With Special Educational Requirements In Romania
30 octombrie 2019
The integration of a person with special needs requires that it be placed from an isolated environment, separately, in a normal way, in order to progress and evolve, to eliminate segregation and discrimination, the environment in which relations between persons are based on Recognition of their integrity, values and common rights. Nirje states that "integration means being allowed to be able to be yourself among others.". Gherguţ states that "integration is the process of inclusion in mainstream schools or regular classes, formal and non-formal educational activities, children considered as having special educational requirements". Research methods used: analysis and generalization of literature data, study of working documentation and observation. Results: Following the study of the literature, it was found that today the theme of school and social integration of persons with special educational requirements is an indicator of the degree of maturity, involvement and Responsibility of the members of a society towards their peers. People as social beings are addicted to other people, which actually signifies help, the possibility of cooperating and communicating, while also producing the sense of human belonging and solidarity, as well as the sense of security of man.  Integration implies that the student who has learning difficulties or special educational needs to be allowed to take up and progress, with appropriate support in the usual age class, for good personal development if his capacities Allow it. Any integration must be paramount, to benefit the pupils concerned and not just in terms of social intensification.  Conclusions: The study of the literature and the analysis of the work documentation, focused on knowing the concepts of social integration and inclusion in Romania.  Through physical education hours, effective integration into society of children with special educational requirements could be successfully achieved, as physical activity in the school has an important place, which implies the participation All members of a collection of physical education and sport activities by giving them self-confidence, physical and psychological health are also an important and pleasant social environment.