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10 decembrie 2018
Abdominal muscles represent some of the most important ones, practically making possible the link between the upper and lower portions of the body. It is not by chance, that in Oriental philosophy, the area where these muscles are located is considered the most important area (“hara” to Japanese, “dan tian” to Chinese). Therefore, a well-developed abdominal musculature may be a protective “fortification” for this area of the body. In this article we will identify ways in which abdominal muscles can be improved by using Pilates exercises. The elaborated paper aims at improving the abdominal muscles. For this we have developed a set of appropriate exercises to achieve improved results. We then applied these to a target group and presented the initial and final results. In conclusion, you will find an interpretation of the results. Research hypothesis. It can be stated as follows: assume that using Pilates programs, we can achieve better toning of the abdominal muscles. Material and method. In order to evaluate the amplitude of the movement under the conditions of the research, it was necessary to assess these qualities according to objective criteria by measurements expressed in number of repetitions, imbalances and centimeters. Results. In the experimental group, values of 9 reps were obtained for the initial testing and 12.5 reps for the final test, with the progress being 3.5 reps. Conclusions. By comparing the results obtained from the two tests, it can be concluded that the final test values are higher, at the same time observing an improvement, the experimental group having a better degree of homogeneity in final testing.
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