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The Assessment Of Physical Development And The Time Allocated To Physical Activity For A Group Of Adolescents From The Moldova Area
30 octombrie 2019
Balanced nutrition and physical activity are factors that play an important role among men, in terms of the health of young people's activities and in controlling their own body weight. Material and method: the study favored a number of 97 young people from technical colleges in Bacău and Suceava. In these young people a physical function was well appreciated, during the daily activity for physical activities and habits for use. Results and discussions: the height of the students is average (70.10%), as well as the body weight (72.6%). Harmonic development is presented only to 58.76% young people. The time allocated daily to physical activities depicts 1  hour for 22.68% young people. Milk is missing the diet in 17.52% students, the chicken in the menus of 2.06% young, and the fruits in 1.03%. Conclusion: young people do not use physical activity as a way of controlling body weight but they use food restrictions.