. Revista de Educaţie Fizică, Sport şi Ştiinte Conexe
10 decembrie 2018
One of the factors that has to be „controlled” and underlying superior manifestation of the body in executing a motor task is balance. He owns an essential role in any postural attitude, form of movement and motor manifestation. Through this writing desires highlighting the importance of coordination capacities an aims by used specific means , to form a correct and harmonious posture, educating the rhythm, correcting movements and developing general and specific skills. Extremely rapid and profound modifications of the puberty as well as the possibility to develop or educate some functions, capacities and biological processes at this age, were the reason for which the subjects have been chosen to be part of the research. This work is proposing to highlight to what extend using specific basic gymnastics means and the ballet bar could lead to an improvement of coordinative capacities, at puberty age. In this experiment I intervened in the training of the circle of “Gymnastics and modern dance” of Children’s Palace from Piatra Neamt, during three months of effective working. The subject are divided into an experiment group that is made
up of ten fifth and sixth grade students, and control group, made of also ten students, with the same age, that performs the same number of trainings. Both groups are being instructed by the same teacher and are on the same performance level. To evaluate the static equilibrium I have applied the Test standing on a tip of one foot, and to evaluate dynamic balance I have applied the Bass Test. These have been used to both groups in initial and final testing and I have concluded that after the program, the experiment group had a significant progress.
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