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Study On Optimum Age For Reaching The Peak Sport Form For High Performance Sports
30 octombrie 2019
The improvement of performance capacity represents the objective to be achieved within sport training, as it is materialised by obtaining valuable results. The sport condition represents the essence of performance capacity. This is the reason why I have decided to study thoroughly the notions related to „sport condition”, but mainly because I wanted to reach an agreement with respect to the age when performance athletes and swimmers achieve the peak sport condition during their career, obtaining the most important victories or results in important competitions. By analysing the specialised literature, based on both the observation, and statistical-mathematical method, I have taken over and calculated the average ages both for women and for men using nine studies of sport specialists. Splitting both the athletic and swim trials in two categories, namely: speed/explosion trials and endurance trial, I have reached the conclusion that the average age when men achieve the peak sport condition is 26 years and of women 25.3 years. Also, each trial has its characteristics, therefore, the average ages of reaching the peak sport condition are different.