. Revista de Educaţie Fizică, Sport şi Ştiinte Conexe
10 decembrie 2018
Rough contact sports such as Handball and Rugby, imply permanent contact between the players that, in some situations, can lead to traumatic injuries. With the development of the two team sports, also increased the dynamics of the game that had led to a higher intensity and physical load, this meaning that injuries are more likely to occur frequently than five or ten years ago. The purpose. The purpose of the study was to examine the incidence of acute injuries that befall during the game, but also through the training sessions of the Handball and Rugby players, and also to compare the gravity between the two sports. Working hypothesis. We assumed that the injuries in the Rugby game are more severe and more frequent, than the ones in Handball, due to the increased aggressiveness that the game presents and requires, thereby hard and repeated contact with the opponent involves a higher incidence of traumas. We also assumed that the injuries in Rugby requires a longer recovery time to return to training that the ones in Handball, on account of the presence of the spine and head injuries that need special attention, so the average days of incapacity grows. Material and method. During the research we questioned two sets of twenty handball and rugby players, about the injuries that they’ve had in the past 2 years, but also about the most sever injury of their career.(the rugby players from the team Politehnica Iași and the handball players from HC Vaslui). Findings. As the main results of the research we have found higher percentages of sprains (35%), ligaments ruptures (30%), muscular ruptures (10%) and fractures (20%), regarding the handball players compared to the results of the rugby players that had 5 to 10 % less injuries. Conclusions. As a general conclusion, we can highlight the invalidation of the main hypothesis, revealing that the handball players tend to have more injuries than the rugby players, this showing less importance given to training properly the main areas of the body that are likely to be traumatized and also the lack of conservative spirit.
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