. Revista de Educaţie Fizică, Sport şi Ştiinte Conexe
10 decembrie 2018
The creative team is a problem-solving framework that works for relatively short durations and assume choosing teammates with high-level of creativity. Initiation of members in the creative team is a means of achieving the purposes of the group, which in fact represents the expected results in performance sport. Applying the methods and techniques of stimulating creativity to performance athletes is beneficial for the formation of flexible, divergent and fluent thinking, generating their active and full, mental and physical, individual and collective participation in the training process. Performance in sport is obtained through the identification of athletes' special motor skills, complemented by specific skills such as: critical, flexible, divergent thinking, intelligence, attention and motivation. In order to elaborate the adapted creative team model it is important to proceed to identify two data categories: the positive experience of performance athletes with high creative capabilities and the detection of insufficiencies on the line of valorisation of the individual creative potential of the performance athletes (through analysis of weak creative athletes) and collectively at the group level (through analysis of low results). Thus, based on the obtained results and the study of the specialized literature, certain methods of training creative thinking and imagination can be selected and adapted to performance athletes, as well as some principles of team operation. Moreover, we can mention that the creative team, as a way of stimulating creativity, definitely contributes to the activation of the individual creative potential of the athlete. We also specify that the creative team must become permanent footing so that the registered progress can be a steady progress. Group creativity proves to be superior to individual creativity in the case of stimulating creative potential. It allows the modelling within the team, of relations and conditions system proper for creativity, the assimilation with a maximum efficiency of the thinking methods and creative imagination. Sport training through its organization, planning and realization system is an optimal framework for practice of the team creativity of the performance athletes for the purpose of their systematic and permanent education in order to acquire their own style in execution of physical exercises, in decision-making, will absolutely need, as future specialists in the field.
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