. Revista de Educaţie Fizică, Sport şi Ştiinte Conexe
Optimizing The Training Process Of Students From Physical Education And Sports Department Through Techniques Of Intellectual Work
30 octombrie 2019
Projecting the educational and didactical work presumes using certain strict techniques, supported by methods and means of intellectual work. The high demand of education, permanent education, obliges students to revalue their principles, objectives, structure, methodology and work style, to adequately respond to the ever increasing requirements that society brings forward. The main purpose of this paper is identifying the influence of intellectual work techniques on the process of training by scientifically understanding the domain of physical education and sport, the transfer ability of skills in terms of situations and modalities of work within the physical education and sports domain. In this context, the positive results of evaluating distributive attention and psychological fatigue through the Prague Test, the Toulouse Pierron Test and the test for determining self-esteem, all have proven that the methods and techniques of intellectual work used here have been efficient confirming the hypothesis.