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Developing Coordination As A Determinant Factor Of Proprioception In Football
30 octombrie 2019
The aim of the research is to present coordination as the main factor of human proprioception. In this idea, coordination is addressed in the football game of children aged 10-12 through specific tests. Experimental pedagogy took place within a sports club from Braşov city to the age group of 10-12 years, practicing the football game. Through the three tests specifically used in the research, a correlation between football co-ordination (component of proprioception) and the specific football-specific coordination skill (skill) was attempted. The pedagogical experiment included two initial and final tests, through which the subjects were evaluated at three specific control samples adapted to their age. The tasks pursued in the pedagogical experiment, through the three specific tests, focused on the registration of specific indicators of the fieldless ball movement on the one hand, and on the other hand specific aspects of the ball biomechanics, the basic condition of the manifestation of the specific technique of the subjects in the football game. At the end of the scientific research, we validated the experimental hypothesis through the conclusions formulated. This has demonstrated the existence of a direct correlation between the level of subject coordination and the specific skill gaming indices resulting from the applied tests.