. Revista de Educaţie Fizică, Sport şi Ştiinte Conexe
Determination of Spreading Motive Levels of Elite Hearing-impaired Sportsmen
30 octombrie 2019
This study was conducted to investigate the sub-scales of sports instructions of elite athletes with hearing impairment or hearing loss due to different reasons. A total of 173 hearing-impaired athletes constituted of 54 female and 119 male athletes who are active national team athletes in the age range of 15-25 years. The study was conducted based on Self Determination Theory of Deci and Ryan [9] and on the developed Sports Motivation Scale, Pelletier et al. [24]  Kazak [18] applied the validity and reliability of the scale for Turkish athletes. Accordingly, since the p_values calculated for the inner motivation sub-scale and its sub-scales are less than the value of α = .05 which is taken as the level of significance, there is a statistically significant difference in the average scores of the hearing-impaired athletes in their internal motivations and sub-scales. According to gender and educational status, there was no difference in the motivation of the hearing-impaired athletes. According to the age variable, it was seen that older athletes had more external connections. Considering the general motivation scores, the athletes in tennis and swimming were less motivated than others. Elite hearing-impaired athletes are affected by both internal and external impulses. However, internal motivation scores are higher than the external. Internal motivation scores are seen as the lowest in the branch swimming area.