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Considerations On Kinetotherapy Of Low Lumbar Pain
30 octombrie 2019
Low lumbar pain is a very common condition that can benefit from kinetotherapy, which can be combined with specific medication and cognitive therapy. Depending on the pathophysiological mechanism of production, some physiotherapy exercises or techniques can be highlighted, because they have an increased efficiency in combating this type of pain. Thus, in the case of lower lumbar pain inherent to fibromyalgia, aerobic exercises appear to be more useful, and in the case of pain that accompany a herniated disc are recommended strenght  exercises and lumbar stabilization. Lower lumbar pains due to work accidents are particularly beneficial for aerobic exercise if muscular contractions are present, and those with a sacroiliac joint dysfunction as an etiology can be alleviated by Mulligan mobilizations, Mulligan tapping and ultrasound; for those caused by spinal osteoarthritis are especially useful yoga and stretching exercises. Lower lumbar pain can also be caused by ankylosing spondylitis, in which case they can be improved by gymnastics, hydrotherapy, massage, leisure activities.